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Leading manufacturer in Europe.

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We are the market leading manufacturer of forest trailers and cranes, which are designed to be used with agricultural tractors. You can find our products worldwide under the trademark PALMS.

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Over 25 years Of experience
3 years Warranty
25,000+ Trailers
30,000+ Cranes

Our secret to success

The combination of continuous product development and a state of the art factory is the secret behind one of the world's leading forestry solution packages.

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With over 30 certified PALMS importers you are sure to find the best partner for your log trailer and crane needs.

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PALMS features

Slewing connections

PALMS patented shaft system for pivoting connections reduces maintenance cost and increases the cranes durability.*

PATENT EP 3 239 540 A1

Improved work platform

Foldable operator platform and ladder are easy and comfortable to use.

Hidden hydraulic hoses

As a first for self-loading Forestry trailer producers in Northern Europe, we hid hydraulic hoses inside the telescopic crane boom. This design significantly increases durability and reliability. Best examples from our crane lineup are PALMS 5.85, 7.86, 7.94 and X100.

Unibody frame U-type

The high clearance and unibody design of PALMS U-series trailers minimize the risk of getting stuck behind tree stumps and other obstacles. All hydraulic components are hidden inside a frame and can be easily accessed for maintenance.

Tested drawbars

All PALMS drawbars meet the newest EU standards.

Safety grills

PALMS trailers have strong and reliable safety grills which comply with EU directives.

Protected hose routing

We have developed a unique and well-protected solution for hydraulic hoses from the boom to the rotator.*

PATENT EE 01484 U1

Lockable bolsters

Patented system for quick, easy and secure bolster locking.*

PATENT EP 3284659

Turning housing design

The turning housing design is based on computer simulation strength test. Important crane parts are also  tested and designed accordingly. Our cast iron design provides significant advantages compared with the welded design.*

New generation paint coating

Thanks to KTL and powder coating, the equipment lasts longer and has a significantly higher resale value.

StrenxTM steel

PALMS production is complemented by SSAB quality certificate “My Inner StrenxTM.” All our cranes are produced using Swedish top quality StrenxTM-steel.

*Not available for all models.