Simple and lightweight single beam trailers

Single beam trailers like PALMS 6S, 8SX, and 9SC are designed for part-time use by farmers and private forest landowners. Offering a nominal loading capacity ranging from 6 to 9 metric tons, these trailers feature a lighter frame, making them suitable also for daily operations in weight-restricted areas and less demanding terrains, perfect for tasks such as arborism and park maintenance. Moreover, they are well-suited for smaller tractors.

All-rounder double beam trailers

D-series trailers provide a sturdier, double beam frame. Within our PALMS product portfolio, you'll find models like 8D, 10D, 12D, and 14D, offering a nominal loading capacity ranging from 8 to 14 metric tons. This classic design has been widely used in forestry for decades due to its optimal price and durability ratio. Suitable for both part-time and professional use, these trailers excel in more challenging terrains, especially when paired with Robson wheel drive or hydraulic 2WD systems.

Unibody trailers for demanding conditions

For those needing heavy-duty performance, our forwarder type unibody trailers - PALMS 10U, 12U, 15U, MWD3.2, and HMWD3.2 - deliver superior capability. With a nominal loading capacity from 10 to 15 metric tons, these trailers are made for everyday professional forestry work. Their unique unibody frame effortlessly glides over stumps and obstacles. All hydraulic and electronic components are securely housed inside the frame, while offering easy access for maintenance through multiple hatches. Moreover, they stand out with their improved ground clearance.

Our Unibody trailers come with various drive options, offering unparalleled customization. From hydraulic 2WD and 4WD systems in PALMS 10U, 12U, and 15U models to mechanical (MWD3.2) and hydromechanical (HMWD3.2) trailers, that will transform your agricultural tractor into forwarder. Each MWD3.2 drive system is tailored for a specific tractor, while HMWD3.2 trailer can be connected to different tractor models.

Additional information

For more information, we encourage you to reach out to your local PALMS dealer. They will assist you in finding the optimum trailer tailored to your specific needs.